ELCG-ESC CONCERN Groups _____________________

Our life in community is organized by "Concern Groups", each one supporting different aspects of our life together. 
Every Concern Group has a chair-person who is a liaison to the  the Congregation Council. Members can join a Concern Group on a regular or occasional basis.

  • Fellowship

    Encourages members of the congregation to get to know each other through informal social events, strengthening bonds of community and mutual concern. It is the prime organizer of the annual congregational retreat in the autumn.

    New members are welcomed and accompanied by this group. It also coordinates the neighborhood groups, which are geographical clusters of all the members, who meet together as they see fit.

  • Nurture (Education)

    Focuses on all aspects of education and other activities that build up the faith of the members of the congregation. Programs, seminars and Bible studies are prepared for all ages, from early childhood to Sunday school, confirmation, youth, young adults and adults. This group coordinates the Sunday school teachers and youth leaders.


  • Outreach

    Facilitates the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ through the life and work of our congregation through:

    - This website with news, announcements, liturgies, sermon notes, church history, activities.

    - A substantial video collection of worship, music, and congregational activities

    - Publication of the "Geneva Lutheran" newsletter, communication flyers and programs.

    - Physical visibility as campaigns in the rue de la fontaine windows.

    It encourages our members to invite their friends into our community of faith and to make our church and congregation a welcoming place. It also reaches out to potential members who are considering being part of our congregation and community.


  • Sharing

    Extends the congregation's care to marginalized persons, refugees, the sick, the disabled and the survivors of natural and human-caused disasters. This group advises the congregation on how to share financial resources with other parts of the world and with our local community. Once a year, the group invites proposals supported by at least one member of the congregation, which are reviewed on the basis of our established Policy.

    You can read the Policy here as a PDF file (.pdf)

    A call for proposals is posted on our web page in the second half of the year. Recommendations of project support are presented for approval to the Congregation Council.

    DOWNLOAD Proposal Form in document format (.doc) This form can be completed on your computer and then e-mailed to the church office or to Maria Lucia Uribe Torres. Or alternatively you can print it out, complete it manually and bring/send it.

    2016 Harvest Festival sharing projects

    2014 Harvest Festival sharing projects


  • Stewardship

    Creates and organizes the annual "Stewardship campaign" (2015 campaign entitled, "Learning to Give").  Reflects on how to use our time, talents and financial resources in our various ministries.

    It is responsible for preparing the annual budget for review and approval by the Congregation Council and the Congregational Assembly.

    It also coordinates the financial affairs of the congregation as a whole.  The treasurer is the chairperson.


  • Worship

    Works closely with the music director, pastor, & liturgist in all aspects of the worship life of the congregation, including liturgy, music (adult and junior choirs) and art. It prepares schedules of presiding ministers, preachers and lay leadership roles during worship. This group creates focused seasonal themes and activities within the church year (such as Advent, Lent, Easter).