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Associative connections

This page lists, links, and describes associations with which our church has close working relationships:


1. BELK (Bund Evangelisch-Lutherischer Kirchen)

Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

As of 2013 Elisabeth Benn, of our congregation, is the president of BELK. And Marc Blessing, Pastor of our German-speaking congregation, is spokesperson of the Pastor's Council of BELK.


Our congregation is the only English-speaking Lutheran Church in Switzerland and we are a member of BELK along with German, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish-speaking congregations in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Bern, Zurich and Vaduz.


2.  Our church (ELCG) through BELK is also a member of the

Lutheran World Federation (LWF) based in Geneva.


3. We are also a member of the Association of International Churches in Europe and the Middle East.

4.  Our membership in the ecumenical Rassemblement des Eglises et Communautés chrétiennes de Genève (RECG) provides a link to local French-speaking congregations.

5.  Every month our pastor meets with pastors from the other English-speaking churches in the Geneva area, an ecumenical group formed to share news and support each other’s ministries.



6. TEAG (Témoigner ensemble à Genève)

(Witnessing together in Geneva)

John Knox Center, Witnessing together in Geneva

Videos from TEAG - dedicated YouTube channel for members

TEAG is also developing its own website - in both French and English, and also in Spanish; the work-in-progress site is:  temoigerensemble.wordpress.com


TEAG  is a program of the John Knox International Center under the leadership of Roswitha Golder until 2014, (who is an associate member of our congregation)  and now Gabriel Amisi, pastor of the Eglise Protestante de Genève.

Our church  is a member of the TEAG movement, aimed at bringing together migrant protestant communities with the local Geneva protestant church traditions.

ELCG members might not immediately think of themselves as "migrants", but in fact our church is one of the oldest in Geneva to have been formed by a migrant community in 1710 !


Every 2 years we join TEAG in the celebration of the "Jeûne genevois international"including a daytime event, and a late afternoon worship at the Temple de St. Gervais - and a march or procession with music and banners between the two.  A Geneva celebration with an international flavour !

A colourful record, in videography and photography, of TEAG events since 2007 awaits your visit to the new website.     Get news from our communities, next meeting dates and event planning.