Church Year 2016-2017 AUDIO downloads (MP3)

From 2017 we are improving the way we display the media collection:

1. For sermon videos, please use the left menu item, "sermons by church year"

2. For other worship videos (music/choir ) please use the worship videos right menu

3. For AUDIO downloads, please use the list here below or the new easy-to-use page here

  • Jun 18 Pentecost2 Sermon (Audio) 'Finding our feet in grace' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Jun 11 Trinity Sunday Sermon (Audio) 'In God's likeness' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Jun 04 Pentecost Sunday Sermon (Audio) 'The disruptive Spirit' Rev. Andy Willis
  • May 28 Easter 7 Sermon (Audio) 'Turn your gaze upon this world' Rev. Andy Willis
  • May 21 Easter 6 Sermon (Audio) 'Believing and Beloving' Rev. Andy Willis
  • May 14 Easter 5 Sermon (Audio) 'Fighting words and good questions' Rev. Andy Willis
  • May 07 Easter 4 Sermon (Audio) 'Jesus by your side' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Apr 30 Easter 3 Sermon (Audio) 'Voice of the shepherd' Revs. Andy Willis & Marcus Heutmann
  • Apr 23 Easter2 Sermon (Audio) ' I know he lives, he lives within my heart ' Rev. Dr. Wesley Ariarajah
  • Apr 16 Easter Sunday Sermon (Audio) 'Let our fears go, do not be afraid' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Apr 16 Easter Sunday Gospel (Audio) 'Reading Matthew 28: 1-10' Vinita Manchala
  • Apr 15 Easter Saturday Vigil (Audio) 'Sermon by Marc Blessing & Andy Willis'
  • Apr 14 Good Friday Worship (Audio) 'Passion - Crucifixion'
  • Apr 13 Maundy Thursday Worship (Audio) 'Foot Washing & enactment'
  • Apr 13 SermonMaundyThursday (Audio) 'Teach us the language of love' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Apr 09 SermonPalmSunday (Audio) 'Road to freedom' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Apr 02 SermonLent5 (Audio) Choir and congregation
  • Apr 02 SermonLent5 (Audio) 'Unbinding and setting free' Rev. Andy Willis
  • Apr 02 Gospel Reading Lent5 (Audio) Reader: Tafra Hove + musical response
  • Mar 19 "Puha" Sanctus from Missa no3 (Audio) Urmas Sisask, Estonia
  • Jan 15 Children's Choir with 'We have found the Messiah' (Audio)(family may ask for video password)
  • Dec 24 Prayers of Intercession (Audio)
  • Dec 11 Gospel reading (+escalade pipes&drums!) Audio - reader: Julienne Munyaneza **AUDIO**
  • Dec 11 Candle lighting, 3rd Advent with the children Audio - Andy and Terry **AUDIO**