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Weekly Announcements page

Old announcements page - no longer updated - use menu item "Bulletin ANNOUNCEMENTS"

(note to webmaster:   and the replacement page, with the name 'weekly anouncements page'  is an article not a category)


Announcements for Sunday worship bulletin

Would you like to put an announcement in the Sunday bulletin? Please send the text to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Thursday noon.

Please note that Bulletin announcements and calendar for the coming week are no longer being made here on the website.

Instead, we are making a live link to the weekly e-mail campaign (Mail Chimp) which is sent out usually on Mondays.

This mailing contains all of the public announcements and the weekly calendar plus prayer of the week and more.

The menu link will be replaced by the Mail Chimp link (then use the archive tab of Mail Chimp to access any issue of the mailing).


Calendar: 'Refreshments schedule full year 2018' - view PDF file