Worship Video Collection.

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CHURCH YEAR 2016-2017 video collection

From 1st Advent 2016 we are changing the way we display the video collection:

1. For sermon videos, please use the left menu item, "sermons by church year"

2. For other worship/music/choir videos, please use the list below

-   in all cases,  your selection will be displayed directly from our YouTube channel.

  • Dec 24 'Prayers of Intercession (Audio)
  • Dec 24 'Prelude: Voluntary on 'Silent Night'
  • Dec 18 'Benin song from Léçan Rolande Pot & the choir
  • Dec 11 'Dance' by Terry MacArthur - Choir & accordion
  • Dec 11 Gospel reading (+escalade pipes&drums!) Audio - reader: Julienne Munyaneza **AUDIO**
  • Dec 11 Candle lighting, 3rd Advent with the children Audio  - Andy and Terry **AUDIO**
  • Dec 11 Church School Pageant 2016 Private video, contact us for member access
  • Dec 04 'Spirit of knowledge' -words & music by Terry MacArthur- Choir & Piano
  • Dec 04 Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1750), Sonata in F major, 1st movement: Allegro Celestin & Anselm
  • Nov 27 'Advent wreath' words and music by Terry MacArthur Choir of the congregation
  • Nov 27 Testimonies of Peace Da pacem Domine
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