Harvest Festival 2017

Harvest Festival Sunday, 12 November 2017

Harvest Festival Wrap-Up

Our annual Harvest Festival, which took place on 12 November and finished on the 19th, was a great success, bringing in over 9'000 CHF thanks to the generous contributions of all who offered items and all who bid. All proceeds will be sent to our two projects--Care for Orphans in Gambella, Ethiopia and Earthquake Relief in Morelos, Mexico.

If you haven't yet paid for the item(s) you bought, please do so in the coming week, via our PostFinance account, CCP 12-9677-6, mentioning "Harvest Festival." If you didn't win an item but still wish to make a contribution to the two projects, you are free to do so during the coming week via the same account.

Many thanks for your generous contributions!


  • Harvest Festival Introduction(Audio)
  • This Year’s Harvest Festival Projects

    All proceeds from this year’s Festival will be given to two wonderful projects:

    Care for Orphans in Gambella, Ethiopia:

    At the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, many children in the Gambella region of Ethiopia became orphans. Young girls and boys became caretakers of their siblings, forcing them to drop out of school. The Abobo Bethel Congregation is helping to break this cycle, caring for orphans whose parents died from HIV/AIDS by providing education and financial support to families who have taken in one or more children.

    Listen to the first presentation from Sunday 5th November:

  • First sharing project(Audio)

    Earthquake Relief in Morelos, Mexico:

    After the earthquake of 19 September in Mexico, more than four thousand inhabitants of Tlaquiltenango, Morelos lost their houses. The United Methodist congregation in the town is providing food, medical care, furniture, and other support to families as they struggle to rebuild their lives and community.

    Listen to the second presentation from Sunday 5th November:

  • Second sharing project(Audio)