Japanese Choir CONCERT
Written by Ray Woodcock   

Japanese Choir CONCERT


SATURDAY 7th October - at the Lutheran Church - 17h00  (duration approx 1.5 hours)


Full color PDF flyer downloadable here



Japanese Choir “Geneva Outa-no-kai” —
10th Anniversary Concert

On Saturday evening 7 October at 17h00 at the church, the Japanese Choir "Geneva Outa-no-kai" organized their 10th Anniversary Concert.

The choir members include Kaori, Mari, and Gaku.

They performed some Japanese traditional folk songs, choir songs, pop music, etc.

There are now two completed uploads on unlisted YouTube:

1. Part One and

2. Part Two

In the text below each video on YouTube is the list of songs in English & Japanese.
By the side of each entry is the time location for each song - clicking on each one takes the video to that point.

The two videos are also uploaded to the church website,in our autumn concerts section.

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